Austin's Crucial Conversations

Current Initiatives in Conversation

We surveyed 250 top Christian leaders in our city and asked them, "What are the most pressing issues facing Austin today?" Forming a series of conversations, we are inviting a select group of leaders to brainstorm and create a plan to help Austin flourish as we tackle those issues. Our goal is to not only help city leaders clearly clarify/define the problem, but to collaborate, and then develop a plan toward sustainable change for our city that does not rest only on our civic and institutional leaders.

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Affordable Housing

Embark on a transformative journey with us as we unite local leaders in a transparent and thought-provoking conversation on the vital role of the local Church in addressing Austin's Affordable Housing Issues. Together, we sparked initiatives to bring clarity to the issue's narrative, redefine our understanding, explore innovative development of Church property, and foster honest dialogues with political officials to shape current policies and overcome restrictions. Join us as we pave the way towards meaningful change and a stronger community. Check out more information about affordable housing and church involvement.

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Journey alongside ABBA as we build partnerships aimed at the discipleship of families, mentorship of high school students, and advocacy for paternity leave among blue-collar workers. Together, we raise awareness within the business community and mobilize churches to actively engage schools in their community. Experience the tangible impact of our initiatives, including the successful launch of Kinder-Readiness Kits for AISD families and the continuous connection of faith-based mentoring programs with local public schools. Step into a transformative partnership with us, shaping a brighter future for all.

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Foster Care

Prepare to engage in a powerful conversation as our network has chosen Foster Care as the focal topic for Austin's Crucial Conversation in 2023. In September, leaders will gather to delve into the diverse range of needs and challenges that our Foster Care System encounters. Recognizing the crucial role of the local church in caring for children from difficult circumstances, we will explore innovative initiatives emerging from discussions on addressing social worker burnout, promoting kinship foster care, and identifying supportive roles for churches of all sizes. Together, let us pave the way for meaningful change and create a brighter future for vulnerable children.

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I have been in my industry a long time, but I still didn’t know half the people in the room during ABBA’s Crucial Conversation on Affordable Housing. I was amazed by ABBA’s ability to convene such a diverse and passionate group, each with their unique perspectives, experiences and expertise. I saw the impact of ABBA’s work in Austin firsthand – when you bring the right people together to solve common concerns, the impossible starts looking possible.

— Terry Mitchell, Founder & Owner of Momark Development